IP address of the routers is a default IP address of the routers such as linksys, it can be changed. This IP address is part of factory settings, depending on a user’s preferences. is a private IP address because it can only be identified inside the network it is currently working in and not outside of it. So, when you add a new device to your network, make sure that its default IP address is not already in use. is not set up as the router's default IP address. is a generic IP for routers such as linksys. Devoted to the router settings. Settings of the router will be different in general. The IP address ip address can be used to improve the security of your home network because it gives you access to your router settings via a web-based utility. can also be used by more than one user that in different networks, unlike public IP addresses that every computer on the Internet has to have a unique IP.

Its password and username is: admin. Enter the password that you have modified. If you can not find your password just reset the router to obtain the default password.

I Can't log into, Why?

I can't figure out how to get into this. At first I thought the website was messed or something when it typed 2 or 4 letters with one letter, or deleting 2 when I typed a number, but I was told that that was normal and to ignore it. What should I do?

First, Reset the router as follows: Find a thin wire and insert it into the reset hole which behind the router. Hold about 10 seconds, when you see the router lights off and brighten again, release the reset hole, router reset completed. In addition, you can try a different browser or reset the IE. password?


Anyone know the Verizon password and username? I used to remember it a while back but I forgot it.


Log in to the router’s management interface. There is a “System Tools” can modify password on router configuration interface, here you can set it. Some routers are a little different, but under normal circumstances. Use “Toolbar” to Change Password.